Easy way of sharing
collecting and discovering photos from events even from people you don't know

Delivering pictures and videos is just a step. We want you to dance.

Just like at real events, we want to deliver our users what`s best - the hype, the crowd and the sense of unity with people you don`t know. In real life you don`t have to give people you meet at a concert any personal information about yourself. Unless you want to ofcourse.

Online services like Facebook Events or Google+ Events require you to know each particpant in order to share an experience. We don’t. Simply because you don’t know them. And we believe we shouldn’t force you to.

The web is focused on people. Personal profiles, customized pages, individual set-ups. People can take care of themselves if you give them the right tools. That’s why Whalla let’s people share time instead of sharing ‘themselves’ online. Because time is the true connection between us.

Crowd-sourced events galleries with a unique user-interaction model

  • Be a stranger

    Beeing a stranger has never been so good! No need to have fake 'friends' or broken 'circles'.

  • Synchronize

    Upload from desktop, mobile app or synchronize existing services like Facebook, Picasa or Flickr.

  • Live digital

    Share emotions and a common experience with both friends and strangers.

  • A simple way

    Less is more. Nothing new right? Then take a look at your favorite social site.

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